Japor Band Music - Different, Original, Unique




We need funding to promote our great band and music on blogs, magazines, newspapers, podcasts, radio, social media, television, etc.




We are an independent band.


We are different, original, and unique.


We are mainly alternative rock orientated.


We use the drums and guitars as instruments.


We are trying to gather awareness for our band.


We would use the income to make songs and videos.


We would use the funds for both free and paid advertising.


We would use it for free posting in blogs, magazines, newspapers, etc.


We would use it for free submitting to podcasts, radio stations, television channels, etc.


We would use it for paid advertising in Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, You Tube, etc.


Also we may use the funds to obtain professional services from distribution firms, publicity firms, public relation firms, etc.




We advise our project is for the long term.


We advise it would require consistent planning.


Hence we must work hard and keep to work schedule.


We would need to fulfill these requirements to enable success.